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Rocky by Individen Rocky by Individen

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OrionTheMuse Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Professional General Artist
One layer runs can be pretty fun. Nice atmospheric use of grey for depth. 
Individen Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It was a pleasure to create it. Thank you :)
Nonsensical-Inks Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Gorgeous environmental, seriously digging the dark and menacing vibe. :)
Individen Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks you :) (Smile) 
Sushimitzu Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2014
It is one thing to convey a bleak atmosphere by filling the painting to the brim with vile elements, but the accomplishment of this piece is that it manages that with such simple, almost innocent elements. This is not only due to the absolute lack of vibrant colors. The sprawling formations with their spikes and turbulent texture seem to wish to communicate that the viewer is not welcome in this antagonistic landscape, which is reminiscent of some of Beksinski's work. The perspective is also very well chosen by giving the viewer a glance of what is up ahead: More of the same lifeless, rocky path as far as the eye can see. Together with the path branching out to the left, this suggests how vast this absurd maze has to be.

I cannot tell whether the grey area above the rocks is a smoke-filled sky or something solid such as a concrete ceiling or a sheet of ice. I find either interpretation equally unsettling. The former accentuates the pointlessness of trying to traverse and overcome this location; after all, if even the sky has nothing left to offer, what is there to expect behind the horizon but more of the same dreary landscape? On the other hand, the latter interpretation further enhances the feeling of claustrophobia.

It makes me wonder, what terrors could lie outside the confinements of these rocks? What curious chain of events could have ever lead up to the creation of such a system? Years ago, I read about an anime set in a world where our cities span over the entirety of the planet, leaving humans to live in a gigantic tunnel system roamed by hostile robots. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the show, but in a way, The Matrix has a similar setting.

It is in this sense that this painting is not strong even though it is simple but because it is simple. It fuels the imagination without really giving any specific details. The mind is free to come up with its own horror stories -- the ones that are more terrifying than any story told.
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December 13, 2014
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